Oracle WebCenter Portal est un produit qui permet de réaliser des applications « à la carte » par simple combinaison de composants existants, et qui  fournit le cadre  de gestion et de publication des services et composants réutilisables. Un catalogue de composants standards est déjà fourni en standard, XXX  pourra enrichir ce catalogue en développant de nouveaux composants (voir la partie developpement plus bas).

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De: Andreas Loew

from my point of view (10 years of experience with tuning Hotspot JVM in Sun PS) the CMS algorithm definitely is recommended.
Regarding OutOfMemoryError, you must not see this error with any GC algorithm, but an OOM as such does not mean you that have to change the GC algorithm, but rather that you either have a memory leak or are trying to store too much data into the JVM which exceeds the configured heap size (-Xmx).

I strongly recommend Charlie Hunt’s new book for Hotspot GC tuning

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EXT JS is a powerful Javascript Framework which provides a lot of visual components like Grid, forms and Windows.
The grid family is especially rich. I used it in combination with BI PUblisher XML Output in order to render data in a grid component.

EXT JS library must be installed on the same Web tiers than BI Publisher. The domain and the port must be the same but we can imagine to allow cross domain scripting. The user must be already authenticated because the JS will not ask for authentication itself.

EXT JS can use an XML reader, and we use the XML output delivered by BIP: ie:








Advantages: the component are really nice and pleasant to use. The XML output generated by BI Publisher is really suited for this approach

Drawbacks: debug seems painful !