Oracle Sites Cloud Service – Adding authentication to a site

With Oracle Sites Cloud Services, access to any site is Public, by default. If you have to add authentication, there is a very simple way to achieve it:

First, we assume that authentication will be against the existing Identity Domain provided with the tenant.

In a dedicated page of a site, called Login for instance, we add an App component which embeds an URL to any folder of Documents Cloud Service.
App URL =

Note that the URL will be called with the EMBED keyword.
Then we add the App component is a region, and  we setup a height=1 and a width=1 (almost invisible).
That’s all.
Each time a user will navigate to this custom  Login Page, and if the user is not yet authenticated, a new page will splash on the screen, asking for credentials. Once login and pasword are provided by the user, the page disapears and return to custom Login page.

Prerequisites: Authorize Documents Cloud Service to embed Folder in an iframe and add the domain to the granted list. (In Administration menu)

Other advantages: If you have a subscription to Database Service in the same Identity Domain, the method described above will be a good way to introduce an authentication to an APEX component.
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