Exporting Deezer Playlists

Access to MyDeezer

This application gives ability to view and export playlists content in CSV/HTML format from your own Deezer account.
In order to export a playlist content, select it in the playlists list, choose the output format (CSV or HTML) then click on Export button.
Limitations: the maximum number of tracks beeing exported is 1000.
During navigation through tracks, it’s possible to set the number of tracks displayed on each page. Default is 10.

It’s possible to group tracks by artist : instead « 1.Primary report », Select the « 2.By artist » report in the upper select list.

Samples catalog

If choosing the HTML format, the tool will extract all the tracks in one html document with a link to a title preview (similar to the Deezer behaviour when the recipient has’nt got a deezer account). When the CSV format is chosen, the preview link is not retained in the exported attributes.


if the message « No data found » is displayed, that means probably that the token has expired. In this case, login again.
The Access token value can be seen in the Infos entry menu.

Consent and Confidentiality

The tool requires a very basic authorization set and has knowledge of « account name » only, no more. The consent page is displayed after first login page.

Updated on 28 oct 2019
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