Upload multiple FMX files into ORACLE APEX

Oracle APEX is a very good starting point for evaluating Oracle Forms migration workload.
From the Builder home page, a very discreet menu option leads to the following page:

From there, it’s possible to create a Forms migration projet then upload successively the different FMX files. The drawback is that it can be a cumbersome task, especially when thare are hundreds of forms.

For this reason, I inspected the code in the internal flow 4400 then put all the pieces of code together and add a loop.
The FMX files will be loaded in one shot as a zip files in the static files Section of Shared Components.
In this version of tool, only FMX are taken into account.

Download form Github.

IMPORTANT: You must have SYS access privilege in order to install the package !! (so, forget it if you’re using ATP)

Once the FMX files are loaded into the APEX repository, its easy to spread the analysis tasks amoung multiple developers as we discuss in an another post.