Setting ORDS config path when deploying on Tomcat

From the 22.x version of ORDS, ords.war file must be generated in order to include the configuration directory path.

The command is:
ords war <NEW_ORDS.WAR_NAME> (ie: ords war ords_new.war)

Before, I set the ORDS_CONFIG environement variable. In my case:
export ORDS_CONFIG=/opt/ords/conf

When deploying on Tomcat, it should retrieve the path but in my case, it doesn’t. I get a 404.

I mean, the behaviour is the same with the original ords.war file or the new one after rebuilding.

So, a possible way is to pass the path url to Java runtime when starting Tomcat.

Add a new file named exactly : in tomcat_home /bin

In this file, add:

export ORDS_CONFIG=/opt/ords/conf
export JAVA_OPTS="-Dconfig.url=${ORDS_CONFIG} -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M"

Then, shutdown Tomcat and restart it.

For automatic starting follow this link.

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